Warnke Covered Bridge

* The Warnke Bridge, #14 over Swamp Creek on the Swamp Creek Road in Harrison Township, was built in 1895. The little iron pony-truss bridge on the site was badly damaged by a flood in 1895. E.S.Sherman was hired to do the repair work and the result was an entirely new bridge. It was the last covered bridge built for road traffic in the county and the last for Sherman who died soon after. The stone came from the Lewisburg quarries and the bridge was finished in 1896. It was named for the Warnke family who lived nearby.

*Source, the 1992 Preble County History book.

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Warnke Covered Bridge - Preble County

Warnke Covered Bridge - Preble County


Warnke Covered Bridge — 2 Comments

  1. Can you please tell me more about the Warnke covered bridge.  I would like to know the first name of the family it was named after, and any other pertinent information you may have about them.  Also, where in Ohio are you located?   We would like to visit this summer.  Thank you.

  2. I may have trouble finding the first name of the family. This website covers Preble County, Ohio which is in the southwest part of the state and on the Indiana border. Personally, I own the Golden Inn. There is a National Covered Bridge Conference in Dayton, Ohio June 5 – 8.

    This is from the Preble County Engineer website:

    Warnke Bridge was at one time a steel truss bridge that crossed Swamp Creek, but in the flood of 1895 it was badly damaged.  E. S. Sherman was hired to “repair” the bridge by completely replacing it with a Childs Truss covered bridge.  At the Lewisburg quarry Stock and Douglass obtained the stone to build the abutments for $464.00.  E. S. Sherman had to clean out his bridge yard, which resided on North Maple Street in Eaton, just to get the material for the 51 foot structure.  It was finished in early 1896 and cost $459.00.  Sherman, with his failing health, after this bridge was completed, moved to Richmond, Indiana where he soon passed away.

    Rehabilitation for Warnke bridge began in April 2008 and was completed in July 2008 at a cost of $240,924.25.  Bridge inspections showed deterioration of this structure requiring extensive repairs to keep the bridge as an active and working bridge.