Brubaker Covered Bridge

In the early days, bridge builders thought that bridges had to run at right angles to the streams. In many cases, that meant a curve in the road going into the bridges. This was no problem for horse drawn vehicles but when automobiles came along, it led to many accidents. For that reason, part of the upper structure of the Brubaker Bridge,  #6, built in 1887, was cut away so motorists could see oncoming traffic across the bridge. That bridge, built by E.S.Sherman, crosses Sam's Run on what was called Auckerman Creek Road but is now Brubaker Road. The setting for this bridge is one of the prettiest in the state and it is often photographed.

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Brubaker Covered Bridge — 1 Comment

  1. Went to see this bridge several years ago when my sons were littler. Now I want to return. I believe there is a new sign above the entrance.